Sunday, 15 May 2011

experimetal painting

(1) scratched-dry ground /wet 2nd color

(2) stencil/masking off-dry ground

(1) blending-wet

(2) wax resit-dry gound

(1) soumble-dry ground

(2) wet dabs on wet

(1) wet on dry-dry ground- wet glaze

(2) wet on wet-glazes

(1) dabs in one direction - dry ground

(2) dabs of direction- dry ground

(1) dashes of one direction- dry ground

(2) dashes of to directions- dry ground

(1) pointillism- stipple- dry ground

(2) splattering-wet ground

(1) splattering- dry ground

(2) bold flat color and dry ground

(1)bold flat color and PVA-glazing

(2) toning-dry ground

(1) scraping- dry ground

(2) impasto- dry ground

(1) cross- hatching

(2) bold flat color dashes of PVA- glazing

(1) bold fiat color with PVA, then stipple parasitic the dads,
and then splattering

(2) bold fiat color then cross- hatching
and when dry scraping
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